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What's the deal?

A 3 week, 3 session, "re-calibration" for people who, for some reason or another, feel they've lost momentum and are unsure of their best way forward.
Shift your mood and mindset and get back on track.

Generate more sustainable:

  • Confidence

  • Sense of control

  • Enthusiasm

  • Excitement

  • Creativity

  • Curiosity

  • Willingness

  • Readiness

Who's it for?

People who are struggling, dissatisfied or feeling stuck. Those that feel they could benefit from discussing, clarifying, and doing their best problem solving, with someone they feel safe, comfortable and confident with - someone who is an expert at advocating for peoples ability to make the best decisions and successfully move forward through struggle.


  • A safe, confidential, non-judgemental space, where you can do your best thinking, deciding & planning

  • Forward progress with your situation

  • More overall awareness, wisdom, clarity & confidence

  • A more constructive mindset allowing optimal decisions, actions and outcomes

  • An unexpected, satisfying enjoyment of the learning process involved



Not much; just an open mind and attitude of actively wanting to explore and/ or do something about the situation you are in. A willingness to think about what you'd like from doing this overall, and what you'd like from each session= this is critical to the results you get.

How much does it cost?

  • 3 weeks = $300(private individual client)

  • 3 weeks = $450(organisational referral)

What's next?

  • Reach out - register on the website(

  • Answer the pre-program questionnaire

  • We have a chat and ensure we're a good fit for each other

  • Book 3 sessions

  • Meet over Zoom or phone(or in person, depending on location)

  • Have a targeted coaching conversation towards your overall & session specific goals

  • Decide on any actions/ commitments between sessions

  • Consider in own time desired goal for each session

  • Finish the 3 weeks and decide on next steps

Why 3 weeks?

The 3 week program is designed to encourage quick turnaround in a short period of time. It's essentially a reset button. It's also an option for those who are looking for a smaller investment of attention, time, and money. The overall aim of this package is to re-calibrate and manoeuvre you from stuck to unstuck. From unsure to a mood of possibility, curiosity, and take actions you believe in.

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