Temper operates on many different fronts and works to offer our clients solutions to their problems.

This can often look like a customised engagement or something a bit more structured.

Below are our 3 main programs, if you can't find one that suits you then reach out and we can find something that works.


A 3 week, 3 session, "re-calibration" for people who, for some reason or another, feel they've lost momentum and are unsure of their best way forward.
Shift your mood and mindset and get back on track.

Do the work

A 3-month, 5 session, program to make real change that sticks. Ensure your results, remove barriers, uncover insights and develop optimal behaviours, all of which may currently be invisible to you.

Level up

A 6-month, open access program to allow you the time and space to bring it all together and express your potential. Deeply clarify and make meaning of your journey to this point, and create what’s possible at your next level destination. Design a brand-new framework and integrate multiple contending priorities.