The Problem with Authenticity

"I just love his authenticity."

"You can just tell she's really authentic."

"I'm just me, authentic, take it or leave it."

"I just want to speak my truth."

We all want authenticity right?

It's a buzz word, everybody seems to be seeking this true, authentic version of themselves or others, but why?

See, typically when people say they want authenticity, they say or believe it's because it's a superior quality to have, especially in an age where it seems as though everyone is lying to get ahead.

Well, the truth is, you're a liar.

We don't want authenticity because it's a noble quality.

We don't want authenticity because it's a selfless act.

We want authenticity because we want safety and security.

You see, when you're being radically honest, you(in theory) have nothing hiding beneath. This means people can trust you. This may seem all well and good, but what it means is that those same people who want authenticity from you are likely not practicing it themselves.

We seek what is missing.

So if I am demanding honesty, openness, and authenticity, that should be a big red flag.

We want authenticity to save ourselves from a potential unknown threat.

Now, I am not saying don't be honest and authentic. By all means please do so.

In fact I have taken a stand to actively pursue this quality.

What I am saying is don't lie about your shit. If you don't want to be honest, cool, just don't expect it of others to make you feel safe in a hell of your own making. Leave us out of that.

Stop trying to get yourself off the hook and sort your shit out.

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