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What's the deal?

A 3-month, 5 session, program to make real change that sticks. Ensure your results, remove barriers, uncover insights and develop optimal behaviours, all of which may currently be invisible to you.



  • Move through:

  • What you want

  • What to do

  • How to do it

  • Putting it to the test

  • Extracting powerful learning

  • Honing your approach

Who's it for?


  • People who know what they’ve been doing, hasn’t worked how they want. 

  • People who are ready – they’re determined to see it all the way through and make sure of it this time. They just need to work out how.

  • People who are doing well and have plans and visions for the future and want to explore those further.

  • It’s for people who feel they’ve got most of the resources they need available to them, but aren’t realising the full benefits. They also have a hunch that more tips, tricks and advice, won’t get them to where they want to be.


  •  Faster, better, easier, more enjoyable, more sustainable results

  •  Increased self-awareness such as unconscious behaviours, blind spots, blockers, passions, natural strengths, and aspirations

  • Improved relationships

  • Saved energy, time and money, with far less stress

  • A supportive, trained professional, there to serve you



  •  A genuine commitment to an open mind and attitude of actively wanting to explore and/ or do something about the situation you are in.

  • A willingness to think about what you'd like from doing this overall, and what you'd like from each session= this is critical to the results you get.

How much does it cost?


  •  3 month program is $1000 payable before the first session

What's next?


  •  Reach out(via website - be more explicit)

  •  Answer the pre-program questionnaire

  •  We have a chat and ensure we're a good fit for each other

  •  Book 3 sessions

  •  Meet over Zoom or phone

  •  Have a targeted coaching conversation towards your overall & session specific goals

  •  Decide on any actions/ commitments between sessions

  •  Consider in own time desired goal for each session

  •  Finish the 3 weeks and decide on next steps

Why 3 months?

This program is designed to help people make the types of changes and improvements they’ve wanted, often for a long time, but for whatever reason, haven’t. My experience working with hundreds of clients, has shown me that 3 months is the very minimum amount of time where people can start to see “the fruits of their labour”, and sense what’s achievable going forward, either with more coaching, or on their own.

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