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Temper is a success and high performance coaching firm for young adults aged 17-25 who are ready to play the game and win.

Temper gives you the tools you need to forge your own success in life. Whatever that may look like for you, we want to partner with you to help you achieve that!

We do this through a range of mediums, designed to provide maximum impact so you feel empowered to put theory into practice and turn your vision into action.

In a world of "information overload", what we provide is condensed to make it as simple and digestible as possible.

Anything we share has been extracted from other successful sources and backed by research. We personally trial and tinker with these strategies ourselves, because we strive towards saying what we do and doing what we say.

We will teach you to

Hi, I'm Brandon

Director; Principal Coach

10+ Years of Professional Experience.

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Brandon is an expert on life transformation, with experience in both his own personal life and in the lives of many others, Brandon knows what it takes to implement true and lasting change.

Brandon’s key industry experience has been working with youth and young adults in a mentor and coach capacity. He has worked with multiple schools, companies, and organisations in leadership positions, and has also consulted many government and nongovernment organisations on youth and young adult engagement. Effectively teaching how to coach and lead younger generations.

Brandon’s key passion is coaching others to live highly successful and purpose-driven lives.

Hi, I'm Adam

Director; Curriculum & Administration

10+ Years of Professional Experience.

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Adam is a master at learning, doing, and communicating. He left his school as both Dux and Head Boy, choosing to study Chemical Engineering. Adam found his passion in teaching and leadership, rising meteorically through the ranks to become a teacher at 21, a Head of Maths & Science at 23, and a Deputy Principal at 26. Adam has written multiple national publications about education and because of his expertise, he was asked to present at TEDxUWA in 2017. Adam is keen to share his keys to success through the development of Temper content.

And we, are temper.

A Success and Performance
Coaching Firm for Young Adults.

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Temper is a success and performance coaching firm specifically built for young adults.

Young adults are our passion. We understand what this period in life is like. It is what we describe as a "key transition phase". In moments of transition it is easy to become confused, purposeless, and completely lost. We partner with our clients to not only navigate this season, but to harness it. Moments of transition are some of the best catalysts for dramatic change. We have the key secrets to navigate these moments well and to succeed above all else. 


Discover your deepest purpose and direction for your life


Set clear goals to achieve your vision


Automate your success with habits

What People Say

"I really enjoyed the time speaking with the coach - it made me feel like there was someone keeping me accountable for my actions and assisting me in my journey."

Kirby, Perth

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